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International Women’s Day: 5 ways to celebrate at home with your kids

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International Women’s Day takes place each year on March 8th, and is a day to celebrate the achievements of women. Here are 5 ways to celebrate at home this year, and include your kids!

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Have a Pampering Day

This one is so fun for the entire family! You can do massages for everyone and even let your kids massage you. My toddler thinks kicking my back is so much fun but jokes is on her because it feels marvelous. If kicking is not your style, you can do a warm bath with lots of bubbles for your kids plus some fun toys.

My toy vote is for Legos/plastic blocks because so much fun and so easy to clean up! You can do lotion and foot rubs after and convince your kids that clipping nails is fun! My daughter got a nail polish kit for her birthday and it’s been all the rage here. We get our nails polished approximately 8 times a week. The good news is she loves it and we don’t leave the house so nobody is checking out my toddler painted nails.

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International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women - and that includes you, Mama!

Dance Party to All Female Artists

My kids LOVE to dance. They both feel the beat in an intense way and must get moving as soon as they hear music. I’ve been slowly creating an all female playlist that includes Beyoncé, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and many many more! I’m so excited for my kids to shake their bodies to these songs.

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And like always, Lil Helper has you covered! Check out our all female artists playlist on Spotify here, created to help make your International Women’s Day celebration fun and easy!

Read Books with Strong Female Characters, or Written by Women

This is one I try to do all the time because female representation is very important in my home. Our favorite books are “Not Quite Snow White” by Ashley Franklin and “Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World” by Kate Pankhurst.

In the bar of the hotel that I was staying at, they had a whole wall full of reading material for the guests.  I was staying their long enough to read any, plus, I was too busy taking photographs!!
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Talk about Famous Women in History

This can easily be done through books or short clips on YouTube if you prefer a visual aid. I’ve found lots of clips with a simple search that are super educational and perfect for young minds on International Women’s Day. I let my kiddo watch them when she asks to watch tv and we talk about them after which she loves. Sometimes we build or paint about what we saw too and it takes it a large chunk of time which are my favorite kind of activities.

Being confined for the summer in a remote cottage, all that's left to do is drawing, crafting, an dpainting rocks.
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Watch a Movie/Show with a Strong Female Character, or Written/Directed by a Woman

If you’re looking for something educational, I highly recommend “Ruby Bridges” on Disney +. My oldest especially loved it and asked to watch it again. Our other favorite is “Princess and the Frog.” We dress up and sing and dance while we watch which always makes both my kids super excited.

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Want to spread the positivity and female empowerment to your little one all year long? Check out some awesome art inspired by Helen Reddy from Child Be Wild, here.

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What are some of your favorite books, movies, and songs written by women or about women? How will you celebrate this International Women’s Day?