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Ariel Whitehead

Rainbow Baby - The Charities Supported

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As a part of Lil Helper’s commitment to giving back to our community, we will be donating $10 from the sale of each Rainbow Baby charcoal cloth diaper to a group of charities.

These charities have been chosen by a group of extraordinary women who have so graciously shared their stories with us. To read their heartbreaking and inspiring stories, please click here.


“This is a local organization that is near and dear to my heart. The help cover the funeral fees and other costs for families who have lost their infant. They also host many events to allow families who have experienced the same thing come together and remember their angel babies.” - Chelle W.


“I have several friends who have littles with complex medical needs and the stollery has always been there to support them and offers amazing support to families in Alberta who need pediatric emergency care, NICU care, and organ transplants. Its the most important place we all hope we never need.” - Caitlin M.


“This is a crisis pregnancy home, it provides all the necessities for pregnant women during their pregnancy and up to 8 months after. The goal is to help the mother achieve independence and set her on a path so that she can successfully care provide for herself and her children. I had to opportunity to serve severtal of these women and their babies when I volunteered there regularly.” - Anonymous


“I have a God Daughter that spent some time in London hospital and will forever have to be monitored through many doctors there. I think of all the Mom's and Dad's who are sent there to have their Angel Baby's or who have to say their last goodbyes to their Baby's in those rooms.” - Codi G.

“While my baby never made it past the first trimester, there are many born tiny or sick. I have two older children and if I had to spend time in a hospital with my baby or child, I know the hotel bills would cripple me. This charity takes that ease off of families and gives them a home to stay at while their sick children are in the hospital. It is an absolute God send to families.” - Brooke B.


“I have chosen the PAIL network as they creature resources for care providers and people who have experienced loss. They are instrumental in helping improve hospital polices to better support individuals as well as run local groups that provide group support for those going through loss as well.” - Rachel H.


“Despite her young age, Elizabeth absolutely adores animals. She is obsessed with nature documentaries and animal based shows. We want to honor this interest and work to preserve the wildlife on our planet.” - Robyn H.


“My rainbow babies were born premature by a month and spent one week in the NICU at KGH. Our nurses were fabulous and the care our Beans received was impeccable. For every mother with a child in the NICU The support of these care providers means everything! We would love to give back and support them the way they supported us.” - Paige M.

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