Sex Talk: Why You Need a Waterproof Sex Blanket in Your Bedroom

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You might already know Lil Helper as the makers of the best cloth diapers, designed by rocket scientists. But we aren’t afraid to shy away from any of the topics that make life messy. And that includes intimacy problems, trying to conceive, and sex. That’s why we were over the moon to discover another use for our Lifesaver Mats: the best Waterproof Sex Blanket.

What is a Sex Blanket ?

You come back from a great night out with your partner. You both dressed up, enjoyed good food, great company, and now you’re ready to fall into bed together. But then one of you pulls out the sex towel. The towel reserved for laying on the bed to catch any bodily fluids during intimacy. It’s older. It has a tear in it maybe. It’s a weird stripe pattern. And worst of all, if everyone is having a REALLY great time, it becomes saturated and the mess transfers to your sheets anyways. You need a waterproof sex blanket.

Enter the Lifesaver Mat.

How to choose the best Waterproof Sex Blanket

The charcoal fleece on one side is stain resistant, absorbent, and draws in moisture quickly so that it continues to feel comfortable long after the first mess. Intimacy can be a time to focus on your partner because this blanket is soft and comfortable.

Your Sex Blanket Needs to Be Waterproof

But unlike a towel, which when given enough liquid will become saturated and transfer the mess and soil your sheets, our Lifesaver Mats also feature a soft and smooth waterproof PUL on the other side. You need your sex blanket to protect your bed. So no matter how much your bedroom activities soak this mat, it won’t transfer through this sex blanket.

Bring Joy & Dignity

Our Lifesaver Mats come in a variety of prints from vibrant and unique 1989 to subtle Mint Sprinkles. Looking for something even more subtle? Check out our XL Version

Choose the right size Sex Blanket for you and your mattress

That’s right, we also offer the same Lifesaver Mat design in an XL size. The Original measures 34” by 36’, while the XL Lifesaver Mat measures 57” x 40”.

Life is Messy, Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to Be

It’s time to level up your sex life with our Lifesaver Mats. Go invest in some fancy guest towels that will never touch your bedsheets, and rest easy (or stay up all night) on our your new sex blanket. They don’t tell you this in sex ed, but real life, intimacy, relationships, and sex can all be messy. But they can also be full of joy and dignity with the right help.

What else do you use our Lifesaver Mats for? Let us know in the comments below!

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