The Perfect Pool Bag for Your Hot Mom Summer

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As a parent I am constantly looking for ways to make my life easier. To carry less stuff, stay more organized, and keep my kids happy at the same time. For my preschooler and toddler, one of the most sure fire ways to make their day and have us all smiling until our faces hurt is a trip to the pool. But, as a hot mess mom, this often involves feeling frazzled with trying to get everyone packed, changed and ready. Or it did, until I found the perfect pool bag. Now I’m feeling ready for a hot mom summer by the pool!

The key to a happy trip to the pool is making entry and exit easier. And the key to that is the Lil Helper Dry/Wet Bag. Here’s how it keeps me sane as a mom.

The Perfect Pool Bag Size

These bad boys are compact, durable, and roomy enough that one bag carries my families swim suits and towels for all. Usually we pack:

  • 2 Full size beach towels
  • Underwear for everyone (cause you gotta make entry easier by wearing your suit - but not the swim diaper - under your clothes on the way to the pool)
  • Odds and ends like keys and wallets, a hairbrush
  • Snacks for after. Always pack snacks to keep little ones content while you are getting changed after, or you’ll end up half undressed and trying to not flash the whole world while your toddler scurries under the stall door. (Those second kids are just wilder, am I right?)

I can easily fit all this and room to spare in my Dry/Wet Bag. For added space, switch to Moasis Beach Towels, because it is magic how compact they roll up.

But what I love most about this bag isn’t just the size, it’s the compartments.

They don’t call it a Dry/Wet Bag for nothing

Not only can it hold a ton for it’s size, this bag features two compartments: one for dry items, and one with the Lil Helper PUL you know and love to keep your wet stuff separate after your fun in the pool. No more puddle on the floor of my car on the way home, no more packing plastic bags to sort the wet stuff in after. This bag does double duty before and after the pool.

Oh Snap! This really is the Perfect Pool Bag

Not convinced this bad boy can do it all? Pack your extra bag, and simply snap the Dry/Wet Bag to it as a bonus bag! With handy straps and snaps this bag attaches to car seats, strollers, wagons, larger bags, bikes, you name it! So you won’t lose it or be overwhelmed with a hundred things to manage while you also wrangle over excited (before) or exhausted (after) kiddos on your trip to the pool.

Prints for everyone

Whether you’re into subtle Mint Sprinkles or cool 1989, gorgeous Florals White or funky food trucks, these bags come in prints to match every style! The thought and detail that goes into each print is second to none, and many contain awesome Easter eggs! The solid trims are beautiful too and compliment every unique print.

What’s your must have item for your pool bag or at the beach? Do you use these Dry/Wet Bags for any other hot mess mom moments? Let us know in the comments!

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